Walking to South Cape Rivulet

South Cape Rivulet Tasmania
South Cape Rivulet is in the farthest bay
taken from a vantage point on the path

Beside the walk to South Cape Bay the path to The Rivulet is quite difficult.  It’s steep in parts and often very muddy with hardly any board walk.  In fact, this trip you pretty much go up before going down.  The good news is, it only takes about 45 minutes from Lion Rock.


Going to South Cape Rivulet from Cockle Creek can make for a long outing, but, if you are a visitor and only have the one day, it’s worth it.  There are spectacular views along the way and a stunning beach to cross before making the short path over to The Rivulet itself. 


The South Coast Track eventually leads to Melaleuka Station.  It is 84 km long and apparently takes between 5-9 days to complete.   I have only been beyond the Rivulet once.  The path gets increasingly difficult and is, no doubt, an indication of the 70 odd kilometers left to go.  The Rivulet itself (which you have to cross) is absolutely freezing cold.

The Rivulet
on the way South Cape Rivulet
Leaving Melaleuca Station South Coast Track Tasmania

Melaleuca. Courtesy of southcoasttrack.com.au.

You may be tempted to walk around the coast instead of taking the track.  Don’t.  Almost everyone who has done this has said they would never do it again.  It’s dangerous.

Also.  A note of warning for swimmers:  there are strong rips both at Lion Rock and the beach to South Cape Rivulet.  Typically there is no one around so if you get into trouble you are truly on your own.