The Walk to South Cape Bay

If it hasn’t been raining this is a fairly easy trek for a person who is used to walking.  The more you carry the more difficult the walk becomes.  I have gone in wearing an assortment of things and have found out this:

The track to South Cape Bay is about 8kms.  The sign allows for a person walking at 4km per hour.  If you can’t do that on city streets you won’t be able to do a return trip in four hours. 

The hardest part is at the beginning (upon return that also means the end).  It’s rocky and easy to trip on.  If it has been raining, some of it can also be difficult because of the mud.  The best thing about this track is it’s so worn and clear it would actually take an effort to get lost on.

I love this walk, even in the mud.  There is so much diversity between one kilometer and the next, so many changing seasonal things that I never tire of it.  I’ve even walked it twice in a day.  Because there is also so much variation in light and temperature from morning to afternoon each trip was completely different. 

South East Cape