Watch Out For Snakes

I am one of those who like snakes. In my opinion they have as much right to roam about as we do. That out of the way, unless you are an expert, or can tell one from another, it is safer to assume any Tasmanian snake you might see is poisonous.

It is also important to note that most people who are bitten by snakes are trying to kill them.

I’ve walked into South Cape Bay more times than I can remember and only ever seen three or four. I haven’t been able to get a photo of even one because they tend to ‘run’ for the bushes before I can get the camera up.  I do have a “snake story” though, and it’s about the one I didn’t see:

I was walking back to Cockle Creek, talking to my partner and generally not paying attention to much, when suddenly a very big black snake rose up to his full height just to my right. I have no idea how big it really was but VERY BIG BLACK SNAKE is how I remember him.

Naturally I stopped.  I quickly tried to get my camera out, all the while fending off his attacks with my free hand….. 

Well.  I did stop anyway, and backed slowly into my partner who hadn’t seen it either, until then.  We gave him lots of room to leave.  He considered this, swaying in that snakey way, and seeing we weren’t a threat, made a quick exit in the opposite direction.

The moral of this story is, of course, that when you are hours away from any kind of medical help, you need to be careful.