Things to Consider

There are a few things you might like to consider, particularly if you are a visitor to Tasmania.

Check the weather.   If it’s spitting in Huonville and the wind is southerly chances are it isn’t going to be a good day to go down. 

Most of the major car rentals don’t allow you to take their vehicles onto gravel roads.  Check your policy.  You may want to look into alternatives, maybe something in the “rent a wreck” line.

You will need to buy a National Parks Pass if you want to walk in to  see South East Cape.

Path to South Cape Rivulet Tasmania

Be careful.  The worst I’ve seen was a guy walking out from Melaleuka.  We met as I was going in to South Cape Bay.  He’d had a great trip.  Perfect weather, no problems and only an hour and a bit to go.  I didn’t think twice about it until I met up with him again much, much later on my way home.  He’d done something to his ankle and it had taken him all that time to hobble out…..

Watch the time.  It stays light out very late at The Cape in the summer but not on the track back to your car.  There are several dense areas with roots on the ground.  We saw a group once who had left a little too late.  They were creeping along using a mobile phone to light their way.  Personally, even with a good flashlight, I wouldn’t recommend walking out in the dark.  It is too easy not to see something.

Shit happens.  Consider taking a first aid kit.  It doesn’t have to be a full on search and rescue pack but even a few band-aids can make a difference.  Typically, in my experience, the worst that happens to most people are blisters caused by poor choices in foot wear.